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Wide load

That's a big guy!:eek: Good thing about the C-Cab, you can always mount the seat back..... a little.
C-Cabs have a crazy look to them, and you really don't see too many. I'm accualy a little tempted to build one... Its a consideration, but i'de rather do a 26-27 sedan, or a roadster pickup with a model A bed.

The one at the nationals(green one in the pics) was so ugly it was cool, and had a mopar slant 6 for power, talk about different.
There's a company that makes a shortened body that fits the standard length chassis. I'll see if I can find the link.
Nailbomb said:
who makes a longer than standard length chassis?

Total Has one for a C-Cab and I think CCR does too. I don't know if Totals is on their website, but it's in the catalog. $725 for the bare frame.

Here's the link to a company that sells bodies and kits:
Man, that's a VERY nice C Cab. Lots of room to store stuff! Great protection in the rain too!
He along with 13 other 'Buckets we all cruise together at times we were all there at the Telegraph cruise that's what buggs me that thomas couldn't see us:cry::lol:
Here is a traditional Total car and a few other interesting cars LOL:razz::lol::lol:
HEY! Another sighting of the "Mad hatter"!:lol:

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