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Windshield mounts


hi i was wondering what everyone uses for windshield mounts, i have the resources to make mounts o if anyone has any plans that would be great.thanksmark
Total has them as well as Speedway. I like to use the stock one. Usually I have a spare set or two on hand but right now I don't have any extras. I watch for them at swap meets and on e-bay.

Something to keep in mind is that not all of the bodies are the same distance where the posts mount. If you know the maker of your body, check with them to see if they offer a windshield frame. If they don't, Speedway will fab one to your specs. Be sure your posts are mounted before you measure for the frame. Most often a stock frame will work on the bodies I use, but I have run into some that were wider.

ronthanks for the info but i attend Wyotech and made the body from their fiberglass mold so i d oubt i can use one from speedway or total.thanksmark
Just as a point of reference, a stock windshield frame is 39-1/2".

ok thanks i will measure mine tonite i still need to figure out how to make/mount the post to the fiberglass without craking it.
If your body has a dash in it, that corner is usually pretty thin. I rough up the inside and mix up a batch of Dur-a-gass and set it in that corner with a piece of plywood backing. That will spread the stress from the bolts out over a larger area. You don't need much in there. Just enough to give you a parallel surface to the outside of the body. The bolts for the post will line up with the revel on the cowl. That's were you need to reinforce it on the inside. When I use stock posts on a 'glass body, I rough up the gel coat and add Dur-a-glass to the ends of the cowl. To do this, assemble the posts to the windshield frame. Now useing a parting agent on the inside of the post, pack the Dur-a-glass to the inside and bolt the assembly to the cowl. After it cures the posts and frame should come off easily. While you have the frame on the body, check the center of the cowl under the frame. Sometimes that area needs to be built up also.

Surprisingly, there isn't a whole lot to mounting a windshield on one of these bodies. For example, the Total Performance ones just go through a block of wood that you glass inside, and uses two 5/16 bolts per side to support them. Even my Speedway '27 uses only 3 bolts per side.

On my '23 I built my own windshield and mounts, and I put a steel innerstructure under the glass to take the strain. The fiberglass ends up being only cosmetic, not structural. I did it a little different. Instead of mounting the windshield to the sides of the body, I made the mount go flat against the dash.


I like that idea, looks good and it's clean....And it's adjustable for a little ventilation...Good Idea Don.

I think, (In My Opinion.....) ALL the body manufactures FAIL in this area. Never any strength put into the areas where the windshield posts bolt on. Seems like it would be really easy for them to glass in a piece of plywood or metal in these areas to give a guy something to work with.
Another Area they FAIL is never putting any structual support around the area of the steering column. Instead ya gotta fool around and glass in a piece of metal or plywood or somethin to tie the steering column too.
Ok, I'm done with my "constructive criticisum"...:lol: "BH"
Don, I like the way the screen surround looks, did you use channel or round and slot it? Also how is the glass fixed in. Thanks Pete
Dons windshield frame looks like the top half of a '20's Dodge. They had a cross section shape like that.

PeteT... scroll down on "Bodies" and you will see how Don built his windshield on "Dons windshield". I asked him a while back and he posted pictures. I plan to use a similar method to mount my windshield and steering.
So THAT is what my windshield came from?? I never knew. I bought it on Ebay as a complete upper and lower and the upper part was perfect for what I wanted to do. Even the seller didn't know what it was from.

Thanks for letting me know. :):)

That's one of the best kind of deal on the bay when neither seller or buyer knows what the item is. The best one is when you are the buyer and the seller doesn't know what he has and it's listed where no one else is looking for it there.

he don i really like that idea using the flat part of the dash i think i will try that wheni do mine thanks
TRoadster said:
PeteT... scroll down on "Bodies" and you will see how Don built his windshield on "Dons windshield". I asked him a while back and he posted pictures. I plan to use a similar method to mount my windshield and steering.

Neat piece of recycling... Not much chance of getting a 20's Dodge windscreen in the UK. I want something similar but I'll have to scratch build it I think. I'm not in any hurry so I sure I see how to do it sooner or later.
Pete, You could do the same thing with the top frame from a T. Either the early one with the round corners or the late one with the square corners.

Ah like this ?


Are these made from special shaped channel (can it be bought?) and what holds the screen in ?

Opps! Sorry about that!


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