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windshield wipers

jim shepard

New Member
Hi everyone;
I was wondering if any one knew a solution to putting windshield wipers on my bucket,I bought a top from Total performance and I had to take the manuel wipers off and as you know they will not fit over the wood front piece,anyone have this problem and is there a solution,I saw a small vacuum or electric unit bit I think t ewindshield had to be drilled,I don't think I have the room for this.
Thanks for any input

Hello, if you look closely I just moved the wiper mount to the side of the windshield frame. That way I can run the top with no problems.
hey thanks ,i once considered that but dont remember why i didnt try it,I will now,'nice car
that looks very similar to my T Bucket,can you tell me where you got the side screen windows ?I would like to get a set

This gentleman showed me his windwings that where bent at a plexiglass shop he said they work even better then flat ones.They are also cool looking.
Do you NEED the wipers for Licencing in your state ??????

There is a person on the NTBA forum that has wipers installed in the cowl. I'm not real sure but I think he's using V W units..
I know this isn't much help, but some of the "cross over" guys here may know who he is and can steer you his way for a little help.....
Good luck...... "BH"
Now I remember why I left Pa. They have NO sense of humor when it comes to hot rods. :lol::lol: Come to Florida, we have no rules..........about much of anything. :eek:

thanks guys for all the good tips and the quick response,as soon as i figure out how to post a picture i will ask for advice on a panhard bar im having trouble with
thanks again
If you have a photobucket account you can open a pic then right click on the pic itself then hit copy image location then paste into insert image (little yellow box with mountains).This I think is easier than trying to copy the direct link on the thumbnails on photobucket.
THE best way to post is Photo Bucket then copy the img code then paste it in your post.Like this

This is my gear shift lever.
I think in Pa you only have to have if it originally had it. Like seat belt and back up light. Also if it has it they have to work( ornamental lighting the trucks have)
Rick said:
THE best way to post is Photo Bucket then copy the img code then paste it in your post.Like this

This is my gear shift lever.

WHOA! For a second there I thought I was looking in the mirror! Damn that looks a lot like me in the morning.... :eek:
Speaking of Rain-ex, which works great. A friend of mine started and formally owned Rain-ex in Phoenix. He recntly opened a new company call Sani-Shield and is adding some automotive products. Check out his website.
We mounted a manual wiper on the wifes 23 by carefuly drilling a hole in the windshield frame and making sure we didn't hit the glass. then using wood chisels and carefully cutting a inlet in the headboard for clearance. we swing it to the top to keep it out of the way and it does not interfere with vision. works quite well and solved the state requirment..
I am not sure if there is a law in Washington, where I live, regarding windshield wipers. If there is then there are a lot of lax State Patrol troopers out there. I have driven the car in Oregon and California as well and never been stopped for the lack of one. There is a temporary clip made by somebody (which you probably have) and my solution would be to carry it under the seat and if you are questined about not having a wiper - whip it out and clip it onto the side of your windshield frame. I will bet there is no law about whether the wiper moves left to right as apposed to up and down. Secondly - don't drive in the rain. ;)

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