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wiring diagram


As several guys suggested I started working on a wiring diagram. I thought this would be for the person that may have this car on day and did not have the itimate knowledge that I had by being the one to put it together. Boy was I WRONG, it has only been a few weeks since I started and I already forgot more than I ever thought I would. So thanks to the guys that told me I needed to do this. Here is what a couple of the sheets look like. This is two of about five sheets. Not sure how these will look.

That's out standing Randall. I usually end up with several sheets too. I draw one up for each of the systems, charging, lights and accessories, (dash and under the seat). I can't stress enough to do this as soon as you can. I do one in pencil as soon as I get one system done, my memory isn't what it used to be. Then test each system as it's completed. It's worked well for me. Out of the last 4, 3have fired right up with no rework.

Wow! Thats putting the computer to good work.

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