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My name is brucer, i live in the western kentucky area. i'm 37 and a hotrodder from birth i think..Tool&die Maker by trade.. i can mig weld like crazy, i also own a tig machine that i'm not to shabby with, i have a tubing bender that i can bend cages and such with.. I have had a t-bucket for quite some time now, its unfinished but its a roller and wouldnt take alot to get it going, but i think i'm going to rebuild it after all these years..

I used to build on the T for a while then i would get something else then build a racecar or something, like now i have an 80 chevy stepside with a bigblock thats tubbed out, 6 point cage, aluminum fuel cell and 1/2 inch braided fuel line. the engine is a beast pretty much, 11:1 427, oval port heads with 2.180 and 1.87 undercut valves, 550 lift cam, windage tray,electric waterpump high rise dual plane intake, and a 950 dbl pumper. rearend is a cut down ford 9inch,full backbrace ,4:88 gears, full spool,35 spline moser axles, 31x18.50 et streets,wilwood disk brakes, turbo 400 tranny with a 3500 edge converter.. I'm pushing this project to the painter asap, then its time..

Next on the project table is the roadster, and i wont quit on it this time until its done. i've never said this before. before i knew i would work on it for a while and then go to something else..

its an original fomoco stell bucket, its at the roller point with the engine and tranny not in the car, need to build the motor and tranny... but i think i'm going to completely redo the chassis now, i have a mock up coilover set up on it and i dont like it,and never have, i originaly put it on there cause i didnt have the money to put coilovers on. so i think its time to cut the back of the frame off and redo it the way i want to.. with real coil-overs with an anti-roll bar.. on the front i have the traditional spring behind 4inch drop round tube axle, econoline spindles, and 72 chevy disk brake setup..i havent made up my mind to keep the frontend or not, think i'm going to swap it for a chrome speedway unit..

the body is steel, also when i build this thing this last time. i think i'm going to go ballistic on it..the body has been done for years, the original intention was to do the body work and paint so it wouldnt rust away, and that has worked, now i think if i get into this i'm possibly going to extend the body 6 or 8 inches and put a steel bed on it and make it all one piece, and use a 32 or 34 ford grille on it. leave it open engine though.. i guess kind of a modernized build..

so for now i need to finish the truck and get it to paint, then its roadster time..
Sounds like you have a pretty good stable of cars, keep it up, stay in there and finish em ! I know thats easy to say, especially from me, I think I'm worlds worse at walkin away from something and starting another project.
Tool N Die.....Thats a great profession, I worked in a Production Maint Shop, with Metal Stamping, Aluminum Die Casting, Forming and Hardware insertion for 30 years. I know where your comin from there. After I retired I really miss not having the mills and lathes, grinding and EDM machines around, and the die makers and tool builders....
How far are you from Fort Mitchell ? I have a Nam Unit reunion there in June, we will be driving ($$$$$$) back there for a week or so.....
Welcome to the Forum ! "BH" Jack Nemeyer
fort mitchell doesnt ring a bell.. fort knox is about 2 hrs east of me... I'm 30 minutes due south from the frog follies :lol:
Welcome to the site! That's an impressive intro. I too have a problem with finishing a project. If I see something that rings my bell, I tend to push the current project aside for the new one.There's a '29 rdst pickup made from a tudor sedan in one corner, A '27 rdst pickup hiboy sitting in another and a '30 era dirt track car in another. My current project is a '27 modified. I'll be retiring soon so we'll see if I can stick to my guns this time.

Glad to see you here. Feel free to put your $.02 in anytime. I think you'll like it here.

took a break sanding on my bars on my cage in the truck so i took a couple shots with my cell phone, hope they are at least viewable..
another shot of the rear

Where in Western KY. I am orginally from Mayfield now living in Whitesburg. Good to have you on the board.

Welcome from Henderson NV. :)

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