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woman drivers

THAT was TOO FUNNY!:lol: It's funny because it's true and works on soooo many levels.
I first saw that video a few years ago and I still can't believe it! She wasn't even going fast.

Here is another fun one:
[ame="[media=youtube]9B1hjQqfY_8[/media]"]YouTube - Oil Change Accident[/ame]

I finally got the top video to play. That is the best collection I've seen yet! The one I share is actually a small part of the one above. Take care,

The thing that makes this so funny is........... none of them are in my driveway. Knock on wood, I have good women drivers.
Im the guy waiting for the girl to get her car parked, no matter where I go she's right in front of me.
I would:rofl::rofl:not dare:rofl::rofl:show this:rofl::rofl:to my:rofl::rofl:wife. She has:rofl::rofl:no since:rofl::rofl:eek:f humor.


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