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Working on my shocks today.


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I have a pair of Speedway's Short Pro-Shocks. One of my shock mounting arms has been cut?!?!?!?!

I know that I did not cut it! It's got to be my son. He was always working in the shop on his '56 F series pickup before he left to join the Military.

I ain't mad at him... I have been thinking to steal the air springs off his truck for a project, LOL!!!

Anyway, I'll get my shocks figured out today and installed on my T-Bucket.

Last night I was thinking about getting a pair of friction shocks from Speedway.

What are ya'lls opinion,

Standard oil/tube sholcks or friction shocks?
I got them, I got an idea of how I will re-mount them. I was just about to post a couple pics and explain my mounting idea and I hope to get some responces... yea/nae --- good idea/bad idea, etc.

in pic #1 you see my old mounting location to the frame and the shackle mount for the shock.

In pic #2 you see the shock and the mounting arm/bracket. I have pressed a bit of round stock into the end of the bracket (the original end was mysteriously cut off).

In pic #3 you see where I want to mount the bracket, I'm thinking to cut threads to the ends of the roll stock that is pressed into the end of the shock bracket. I drill a hole through the end of the frame horn and slip the shock bracket thought the hole and with washer/nut tightening everything up from the underside of the frame

I am looking forward for some Ideas and thoughts on this idea. My frame material is 1/4" wall 2X3.
Ask Rick to see his setup pics it is sweet and it all bolts on . Friction shocks can be troublesome
Looks like you could take the shackles off and turn them around, to put the shock pins back farther, keep them away from your tie rod, I myself would not use those short trailer serge brake dampeners... the length of the body (you need) is, from center of the bottom 5/8" mounting pin, to the top of the body is 8" long, I believe that gives you 4 inches of total travel, needed to get the job done right, and remember, not to let the shock be the travel STOP, in either direction. Rubber bumpers and fall straps or? whatever you like... just Me... PS; I wil lsee if I still have the stock number for those shocks, that you can buy at Auto Zone, PepBoys, most any Autoparts store... cheap to buy... work great on light cars...
butch, you have got to get that straightened out before I redo mine.

I figured the travel from Speedway info and mounted mine the distances suggested for Jounce& Rebound. Shouldn't be a whole lot of travel EXCEPT we live in Michigan.
IIRC, 49 Merc shocks are what I was told would work.

Don't quote me on that just yet, I'm looking for the part numbers right now.

Had a Monroe shock number, bookmarked and saved it... can't find it now.
this is so complacated,i need shocks that will fit on a 11 inch ride hight ,center of hole on axle to center of hole on top bracket is 11 inches so far nothing i have found will fit ,a shock 9 1/2 closed and 14 1/2 open bottoms out ,cant use friction shocks because head light tower is in the way and cant move it anyone have any ideas?
T-Odd said:
I was close... '49 Plymouth. Get 'em from Rock Auto, less than twenty bucks.

monroe #5752?

Searched for Rock Auto and found this thread.
That is the one! I used them for years, a great fit, sometimes hard to find anyone that carries older stuff now days.. so I now use one with a 7/16" top mounting bolt, I just cut down the 5/8 pins to fit... As the 5/8" pins are easy to find. 5/8" on the bottom and 7/16" on top, that shock is easier to find.

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