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Worlds Smallest Production Car


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I don't know if many of you enjoy the British TV show called "Top Gear," but if you do, this short clip is really funny. You should also check out some of their others on the YouTube:

[ame="[media=youtube]dJfSS0ZXYdo[/media]"]YouTube - Jeremy drives the smallest car in the world at the BBC - Top Gear - autos[/ame]
Ah!!! The video is not linkable. Sorry about that.

Cut and past this url into a browser, remove the brackets and it should work:

it is a pretty cool show they do tend to think poorly of American cars though. but still a neat and sometimes funny show
That was great, I lost it when he drove the car into the elevator and couldn't stop laughing.
Getting in there is like putting a marshmallow in a piggybank
My favorite part is when they cut to the BBC anchors reporting the news, and in the background you see Jeremy slowly going by in the Peel P50!


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