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WOW, this forum is great!


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Looks like it's growing fast too! Looks like you are getting some and memebers here too.

I built my T from a Total Performace "kit" about three years ago. I drive it quite a bit and like to go on long trips with it. Two years ago I drove 800 miles to NSRA Nats in Kentuky, last year drove 500 miles to Goodguys Columbus.

I has an all aluminum, 32 valve, fuel injected, supercharged. 4.6 liter DOHC Ford motor and a 4 speed auto overdrive electronic transmission.

You can see the build up in my journal here:

Thanks for the great forum!
Good to see you here Arrowhead. I admire the fact that you and your son traveled to Louisville in your T and I was glad to meet you in person.

Hello Arrowhead!! It's about time you show up here. Jump right in. I've read your posts on I just know you will be a participateing member here. Welcome!
Hello Arrowhead!
I've checked out your build over at many times. Great workmanship! I'm building a bucket with the the same 302 motor and would like to use headers that fit inside the frame, do you have any more photos that you could share?
HEY! Look who stopped by! Welcome, Arrowhead! I guess now you know where I've been hangin' out. You already know I dig your Bucket, but I'll say it again. Your T Bucket jams!

Thanks for dropping by. We can always use another voice of experience.
Welcome, nice bucket.
Thanks for the kind words. I have a lot of fun with my T and enjoy driving it as much as going to shows.


Making those header fit in the frame took a bit of redneck engineering. They don't fit without being massaged quite a bit. I'll try to find some pics for you. If I recall, I bolted an old head on my workbench and bolted the header on the head. I heated up the elbows on the headers and beat the life out of them until they bent in enough to clear the frame. I cut off the header flanges and welded up down tube directly as there was no room for the flanges any more.

Looking back, making the lakester type headers like what I have now was easier if not cheaper too. You can buy the megaphones from Speedway for like $25 ea. Your local parts store will have straight lengths of tubing and then you just need to source a couple of elbows and flanges.

Good Luck!
Speedway has a kit for the lakester headers, so far thats what I'm using. I'm going to loop them back under the frame and back to the stacks.

Welcome Arrow! Seems to be adding new people every day. I like the format. It's a bit more technical than the NTBA. But heck. I'll get used to it!

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