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Yogis 51

LOL okay, I'll bite. Who is this Yogi person you speak of?
tfeverfred said:
LOL okay, I'll bite. Who is this Yogi person you speak of?
Go to the front page and look to the lower right and look at birthdays.Then click on his name.Hes just anouther member
yep....51 and still bucketless. LOL Yes Fred there is a Yogi in NC! I'll be ordering a 27T from Spirit this week or buying a 23T, one or the other I'll have one soon.
Don't ever have a whole lot to say, but I sure have learned a lot from you both!
Thanks again Rick!
Yogi, Happy birthday. You sound just like me, never have a whole lot to say. But I am on here a couple times a day just reading a learning different ideas. This is a great site & a good bunch of guys to be around. Someday might be able to meet everyone in person. Lar:)
Happy birthday yogi.:toast::rock::hb::hooray: and all the rest that go's along with growing just a bit older. I really hope to meet alot of you gentlemen in person within the next couple of years. I've already have become friends with a couple of the forum members. The one and only Rick, and one of our newest members Butch27. Looking forward to seeing your project once you get going.


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