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08 BASH who all is going?

The Springfield gang will be arriving on Thursday morning. Shirley and I are staying at the Ramada and I think most of the other Springfield guys will be there also. Let the fun begin!!!
Gotta love it.
I'm at the Ramada. Not sure which day I'm coming down. No earlier than Tuesday, no later than Thursday.
I'll be there but I'll be bucketless. I just talked to T-five-O he will be there. I told him I would be glad to give him a hand at night if he wanted to try to get his running. He said that would be great if he could find it. He said they were going to have a meeting down at the sheriff's office tomorrow and he was going to get to the bottom of this who's got my bucket thing.
I hope to drive down (no bucket) for a couple days if I can get away. My dad is 93 just had a cancerous kidney removed so I dont know will happen. I am going to the mall and have a tshirt made so if you guys see an old fat man runnin around it will prolly be me. :lol: :lol:.. Francis
We will be there on Sunday and are staying at Denton Ferry. Boy, time is sure dragging can't wait to get there!!!
I really thought long and hard about driving down to see everyone. Like I told B.C. on the phone, at $4+/gallon my 4WD Quad-Cab Dakota doesn't travel very far from the house any more. But I was ready to venture out anyway.

And then I learned my employer has a USAC Sprint Week race at his track on the 17th. :confused: So much for spending all that money on gasoline...

I hope everyone has a great time! And as LumenAl would say, remember the pictures. You have to post pictures. State law. :rulz:
I will be the one with a grin bigger than the one on my car.( I hope because My valve cover beat RPM in the finals). look me up! Just wait till it is dark to look at my bucket!

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