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1/4 Scale C Cab planning


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G`day Guys
I`ve decided to build myself a 1/4 scale 27 C Cab. While it wont be an exact copy, but as close as i can get it, i need a few measurements.
I`ll need the measurements of a cowl and an original style high windscreen.
I`ve searched the net and so far the measurements i`ve found have been very vague or contradictory.
These are the measurements i need right now to make a start on the planning.....

with A being the width of the cowl at the hood opening
B being height of the firewall at the hood opening
C being the width of the cowl at the back edge
one i forgot to put in is the depth of the cowl side below the firewall
I reckon the over-all width and height of the old style screen in the frame would be handy too.
Cheers guys
the body you have pictured is a '23 type and differs from the '26-7 body. i don't have one of those here now. something else to concider is there is a difference between 'glass and steel bodies.

Well i have little experience with the T`s full stop. I chose the 27 as it looked a little bigger, all i need is a definitive measurement for one particular model.
So far i have a lot of vague measurements with very few showing any year models. I just want to make a "toy" as my wife calls it, but i try to make them as close to accurate as i can. Theres a variance between my toys and the real thing granted but if i can get some real dimensions they would be a hell of a lot better.
The T was chosen because i thought there would be a lot of information out there, but theres really nothing accurate out there about dimensions at all. One mentions 20 inches for a 27 model, the next mentions 22 for the same position for the same model. Not a big thing for a smaller scal vehicle granted but which set do i use?
Do i go lucky dip and wind up with a cork screw? Or do i try and get some accurate measurements like i am trying to do ?
Here are the measurements I got off my 26,
A= 31 inches
B= 22.75 inches
C= 38 inches

Hope this helps.
here's a couple other measurements you will need. the length of the cowl is 15.5". the heigth of the body at the door is 21.5". the doors are 19.25 front to back and 19.75 top to bottom.

I want to do this myself as much as i can, besides i plan on putting less money into this than the damned postage on that thing

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