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$150K for this T


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yeah i,m high bidder right now.---------------------------------- just kidding. thats cool as hell , but a could have t buckets for all my friends and still have beer money
Just had a look at the EBay listing & its pretty wild.

There was an article on Dan Woods recently in The Rodders Journal & he did incredible stuff at a very young age. Its hard to get a C Cabs proportions right & he seems to have nailed it first time out.

I have a spare T chassis, set up for a BBC and glide, and a spare cowl, and a pikky sent to me by Debgeo, (his avatar) so when the T coupe is done (next month Im hoping), then I may try to build something on the cheap using the stuff I already have in the shed.
Is it me or is $150K an awful lot of money? I know history adds some value but that's got to be a lot of history. Just wondering....

Thats fun just to look at . some guys just have a vision and the ability or money to bring it to life. I think this is art and i like it.
As an art form this car surpasses the average hobby car. And as an art form the seller is catering to a very small market. But then it'll only take one person that shares this passion to buy and become the new caretaker of this fabulous car.

How does that go a fool and his money may soon be parted.:rofl:
The likes of Jay Leno will snap that one up, you can't build that car for less, unless many parts are donated... and lots of free help... I know, been there and done that.. There are way too many fellows out there that make more money in a week than most of us will ever make... remember that there is an ass for every seat... ride safe :)
It's only worth as much as what someone else is willing to pay for it. Take it the BJ auction with no reserve and see how much it's worth.
Worthless and priceless are about the same. You can't put a price on either.:lol:

Art cars are that way. One person's art is another person's junk, and that particular car I wouldn't want at any price.
Thats the great thing about Tees. No two are identical, and you can built whatever pushes your button.

and that C Cab, tho priced waaay out of my budget, pushes mine. :lol:

and when I think it was built by a teenager back in the 60s I am in awe of it.
That body would be great on a street chassis, that show car chassis would not last any time on the street... But it will look GREAT sitting in someone's car collection...Any person that says they would not want it for any money, has no money, at least not enough to buy that Show car... :lol:
Any person that says they would not want it for any money, has no money, at least not enough to buy that Show car... :lol:

Exactly right, no money... but multiple shades of purple... yuck.
I recently had the "Billet-T" appraised for insurance purposes, by semi-retired rod builder Branden Uhlieg. I found that uniqueness, provenance and history, carry a lot of weight in appraisals. Estimated collector's value is $125,000.

Branden will have a 1941 Plymouth coupe with twin turbo 1750hp under the hood, on the cover of several hot rod rags this fall. He built it for a friend of mine, from his dad's original steel body car that sat in the weather for 25yrs. He has over $150,000 invested so far.
BJ sells only no reserve now. They were being used for the entry fee press and then the owner(s) were cutting deals after the auction. There are several auction in Phoenix/Scottsdale about the same time, that still list and sell on reserve.

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