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22 Dodge Build Background


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This project started about 6 years ago when I bought the roadster from
John Taylor in Fresno, Calif.
While it was drivable and licensed, it had some issues and needed work.
But I saw what I wanted and lots of potential.

The car has been stripped all the way down, sand blasted, lots of welding and reworking but is finally close to being done now.

It is a cut down 1922 Dodge touring car, channeled 5 inches over the frame.
A 1929 Ford frame, zd 11 inches in the rear and narrowed 4 inches at the firewall.
It is boxed from a foot before the Z to the rear of the frame.
1949 235 Chevy hi-torque 6 cylinder, with McGurk cam and intake with 3 Stromberg single barrel carbs.
Nicson valve and side covers, Mallory duel point distributor.
!936 Chevy 3 speed transmission.
1946 Ford running gear, with a 5 drop Dago axle.

The rear suspension and radius rod mounts were reworked during the quick change install.
The quick change is a modified stock banjo housing, done in the Midwest during the late 50s, early 60s.
The housing is rotated 180 degrees, and spur gear box and drive shaft - quill shaft entrance are welded on.
It was never finished machined or installed.
Steve at Lime Works in Whittier, Calif., did the assembly and the brain storming to put it all together.
I couldnt be happier with the finished rear end and I still need to paint the axle bells.

Basic paint and upholstery will come as soon as I have the time...
That is the basic rundown of the car for now, it should be back on the road again soon.
Attached are some before and after photos plus some build photos.22
I like the direction you went with it and I think it looks great! What rims are those?
tfeverfred said:
I like the direction you went with it and I think it looks great! What rims are those?

Thanks, Fred. They are stock 16" Ford, the rears were widened to 7" by
cutting off the front lip and welding a wider piece on.
They are straight as can be, I had them checked out, prior to mounting the tires,
by a shop who knows how, Nate Jones in signal Hill, Calif.
Coker Firestone tires all the way around. '22
Sweet ride......... :cool:
That's a great lookin' ride Ken. You've done it justice in the time you've been the owner. Keep us posted on future updates. Hope my '27 turns out as well.


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