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Maryland Jalopy


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Hello from Maryland. I purchased this car several years ago and have been fixing a lot of the previous owners mistakes while completely redoing the car. I'm building it as a dirt track race car from the 40's-50s. It's a homemade frame with quarter elliptical suspension front and rear. Front end is 40 Ford, rear is a Dana 35 from a Jeep, engine is a 1971 Dodge 225 slant six, grill shell is 1917 Dodge Brothers. I just finished re-wring the whole car and painting it this season. I still need to finish the seat back, install the headlights, add some shocks, paint the front wheels black and probably a few more things i'm forgetting. Once I'm done i will be using it for cruising around and taking it to vintage racing events in PA like the EMMR Hot Rod Annual, Coatesville Viintage Gran Prix, and the several Vintage Eliminator events at South Mountain Dragway and Allentown Fairgrounds. They are non competitive events that are a blast!

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