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22 iron duke

iron duke

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New kid on the block and I am working on a 22 fiberglass pu roadster with a pepped up iron duke and old school wire wheels, Hallicrafter 16 inch on fron and 15 inch Mclean's on the back. Anybody ever seen a bucket with an iron duke or I really would like to see some picture of some if they are out there. I originally wanted to use a Pinto engine and the came across the Cevy with a Clifford Rv cam Headers and side draft Delorto carbs and 11-1 pistons. Quick without going side ways and getting myself in trouble. Got a Flowmaster Super 40 , should sound really good. Pics and other users? ID
Sounds cool! Didn't they use iron dukes in midget dirt cars "back in the day"? If so there may be all kinds of GO-FAST stuff around.
well, I'm planning on building a Speedster this fall and I've looked at a few engine options. A four is a must for what I have rolling around in my head and I'll be keeping an eye on how your build progresses.

There are a couple 4 banger pics in a couple of the Speedster threads on here. Try doing a search to pull up the threads. Youngster will probably chime in. He seems to have had some experience with iron dukes.
The pics in the Speedster posts were really good, I recall the 153ci Chev and the 2.3L Ford were featured. I'm really looking hard at one of these two if I decide to abandon this winter's 283 rebuild. It's gotta be old school though, none of this computerized stuff.

There's also some good 4 banger threads in the Engine section of this site.

I'm always up for any pics of these.
Welcome ID :lol: post up some pics of your project. :lol:
hey man ,thats what i have been looking for to put in my t project too!!!!!
I'm so glade that i sighed up ,i can tell i will like it here already!
I would love to see some pics when you get some!
I have a dayly driver s-10 with a 2.5 ironduke and i like it really well [i chopped it 11'' ,so i caint help but like it ]seems to get about 26 miles to the gallon in the s-10 so i hope to see some really good gas milage from a T with one in it ?!!!

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