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23 T progress update


Hi to all! Well I finally have a few minutes and some pics to share. As I planned to put a roof on (Bows and header from California Roadsters) I decided best to install a door for easier access, especially the ladies. That turned into a fairly major project, had to move the windshield posts forward as they were mounted too far back interfering with the door opening and I ended up painting the whole car! Sorry Spanky, not yellow anymore. I also pulled the pumpkin that was welded (poor mans posi ) when I bought the car and rebuilt it with all the correct internals, new axles and brakes. I added power brakes, dual master cylinder and rebuilt the front brakes as well which were messed up. All new brake lines, fuel lines, rebuilt the radiator and shock mounted it too. Did lots of frame work, added additional structure, especially on the front spring perch where the tubing was crushing (scary). Long ways to go yet, I've ordered the roof bows and header and replacing the steering box and adding a tilt column from Flaming River, new dash, gauges, all new electrical, upholstery, windshield. Glad to see everyone is doing OK and there are plans for some events in 2021. I'm going to try and upload some pics so hopefully that works. Not in order!


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When you upload pics there is normally a choice next to the little thumbnail Full image as in the screen capture below. This will make the pictures full size in the post rather than thumbs that have to be viewed in another screen.

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Thanks for the tip Gerry and the compliments gents. I'll add more pics as she progresses. There are some challenges ahead with the steering column, shifter cable and pedals plus building a new custom dash so it'll be interesting to see it come together, hopefully in time to drive it this summer! With the border locked down I'll be sticking north of the 49th this year I think, maybe there'll be an event or two out west in 2022.
Here's an update from Cyclone:

Hello Sir! Yes it sure has been longer than I would like Spanky, been really busy with "life" and the T has to wait unfortunately. We were making great progress, cleaned up all the issues with the chassis, freshened up the engine, built a new dash and added a tilt column and Corvair box.
Cut and installed a door on the PS, had it prepped and painted. Ordered all new gauges and had some re-chroming done. Also ordered some top components from CCR with plans to bend some SS tubing and put a roof on the girl. Added a power brake master cylinder and all new brake lines and added a correct limited slip diff rather than the one they had welded the spiders on it had in it. I also will build a custom harness from scratch, that way I know what I have.
I plan on retiring this year and have sold my house in town and I'm now building a place on an acreage I purchased so I have a place to hang my hat this winter. Time is of the essence, thus the Little T has to sit and wait :(
Hopefully I can find all the parts when it comes time to put her together!!
How are things with you, Still cruising I see so that's great. Maybe if they hold a meet in the northwest in the future and there's no mandates to cross the border I'll be able to meet you in person one day. You take care, good to hear from you.

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