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25 T New build


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Hi All I am building a 25 T It has a 350 with a Turbo 400 trans and a S10 rear axle I am starting to work on the Drive shaft the u joint size on the 400 is bigger than the driveshaft yoke on the axle does any one know of a conversion u joint? Thanks. Greg
Any driveshaft shop can put an S10 yoke on one end and a TH400 yoke on the other end of your existing or a new drive shaft so you won't need any type of adapter or conversion item. I have one of the same setups that you described.
Welcome, Greg! Sounds like a cool bucket you're building. As 409 says, any driveshaft shop can marry the two components together, as long as you give them the exact dimension from the tail shaft of the transmission to the yoke on the rear end.
Yes that is probably what I will do. I need to build the shaft anyway. Thanks for the advice.
Hi Greg. Just like 409T said ; any driveline shop can take care of your problem. I've had this service done many times in the past. They can also do American to Foreign connections (Ford to Datsun or Chevy to Toyota etc). My last swap was a Ford 4.0L V6 into a 2006 Mazda mx5. I used a 2004 Mazda rx8 third member .
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