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27 bodies


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Can you guys list who all makes a '27 body. I looked at spirit but I don't really like the seat riser. I'm new to fiberglass work, so I'm not sure how to install a floor and doors. I still think I want a body without floor and doors so I could do it myself. So if you could just chime in and let me know at least my options then I'll have to figure out what I like or not

When your ready to do the 'glass work, there are many on here that can wa;l you through it. It's not hard to do.

I have a Speedway 27 body that I put together about 20 years ago. Really not a bad body at all........decent layup, very few voids, and even after driving it for years no stress cracks. I think Wescott makes one (if they are still in business) and everything I saw was that it was very high quality, but pricey. It also came with floor and all installed, so it doesn't lend itself to channeling easily.

As for doing fiberglass work, it really is very simple once you do it a little. As Ron said, there are enough guys on here who have done it to get you through the process.


Here is my 27 when I was driving it...


And here is how it sits today. I tore it down 9 years ago for "freshening up" and never got it back to it after stripping it all the way down.:eek:

I have a Poliform '27 body that has a 3" stretch. It did not come with the floor, and I did the floor and seat myself. The poliform bodies are excellent, but are a bit more than some of the others. Here is a early pic:
Most Polyform bodies will meet the strict rules for running at bonneville as per dimensions charts.... If the bodies do not meet spec the car gets put in a different class... ...etec
To my thinking, polyfrom set the benchmark for 'glass bodies years and years ago. I have used one and was so pleased with it.

If you are in Reading, you should look at Class Glass. They have some nice looking '27s, and they offer ones that are a bit wider. Their prices look good and you can save bucks by picking it up yourself. I have never personally seen one, but the pics look good.

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Let me also give you my 2 cents from one who has done it, floors and seat risers are easy, making and hinging doors and trunks are not! If you have a few extra $$ to spend, let them do it and spend your time on all the rest of the stuff you will be doing.:soapbox:
I believe they do have a 27T body that has opening doors and trunk at Spirit. That is where Tom Buckley bought his from last year. It's just they don't have a hard top for it yet due to problems with the mold.

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