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27t frame plans


New Member
Hey guys can someone help me out please. I need frame plans for a 27t from speedway and spirit, not sure which way I am going to go is why I want to get both plans. Thanks guys.
I don't think there are plans out there for these 2 frames. Both are pretty standard ( check the wheebase). Spirit is more up to date.
The frames for a '27 isn't much different from a '23. If you are using a body with the turtle deck on it, that will dictate where your rear axel will go. The plans at will give you a good point of reference. I would strongly advise you have the body on hand before you build the frame along with as many of the major components as possible. If your running a SBC, you can save some of the front rail length by using the early short water pump. I would also advise extending the frame to the back of the body, kind of like reversing the kick behind the axel. This is a good location for your gas tank too. JMO


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