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3 link suspension mounts


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I'm getting geared up to swap out my old ford rear radius rods for a stronger 3 link set up. I have a question about mounting the lower control arms. My 9" rearend has a wrap around mount already welded in place for the ford rods. Should I make a mount for the lower control arm that I can bolt onto the preexisting mount with two 1/2" bolts or should I go ahead and weld on new mounts on either side. Either way, I'm not going to remove the wrap around mounts. It would be easier to weld together a new mount out of 3/4" and 1/4" steel and bolt it in place. What do y'all think?
I guess no one wanted to touch on this one. I've decided to go weld on. I will be doing a bunch of work next week on the car since I'm off. Hope to have some pictures to post afterwards.
A picyure or sketch would be good here. All I can tell you is that if it was me, I would weld up a new mount. Usually tring to add some thing ends up looking like an after thought.

Yes, well I knew welding on brackets would be the best thing to do... I just really didn't want to have to take the rear end apart again. I saw some mounts on a racing parts site. They looked good and were "Laser cut". After I enlarged the picture, I saw they were made from rectangle tubing which had the cut to create a bracket. I said "hell I can do that and better without paying ten bucks a piece" and did. I should have the rear done next week and I will post pictures then... once I figure out how.
Glad to hear you found a solution. We'll be waiting for the pictures.


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