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$36,100 La-z-boy DWI Chair on ebay

Thats insane, I'd be happy to build someone 2 for that price.
Now to my understanding, wasn't that confiscated when the guy was arrested for the dwi?? Didn't think the law could do that? Unless its a drug arrest and property seizure..

Or is it the individual that got arrested selling it?? If it is more power to him..
consification depends on prior records in some states ... mabe someone got it at the auction at the tow and recovery yard.
I can't imagine anyone bidding something like this that high. This isn't the first motorized recliner. There was a video floating around the internet a few months back of a guy driving one around the pit area at a racing circuit somewhere.
[ame=[media=youtube]Tt8guRte36c[/media] - Gas Powered La Z Boy[/ame]
Is this the video? Looks more comfy anyhow.
barnbikes said:
91 bids at $38,100
what sucks is this guy wont see a penny of the profits off the sale, Ill gaurantee the city wasnt expecting this kind of coin for the thing..
I'd be VERY SURPRIZED if the City of Proctor gets $43,100 for that. Just like the Duke of Hazzard Charger went for 6 million bogus bidding.
It musta got yanked... lolololol I didnt see it end but I cant get into a link to the sale..

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