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41-48 Ford Brakes

I take it you have Ford spindles. Are you going to use one of the A rear ends? Do you have the '41 to '48 brakes?

If set up right, 40-48 brakes can stop a light car like ours very well. I'm running them on my '27 and my '23, both with Buick drums. I actually prefer the '42-48 design because they only have two adjustment nuts on them, whereas the 40-41 have four adjustments you have to make. Much more time consuming to get right.

They all bolt right on 37-48 spindles. The 37-41s are roundback and the 42-48 are squareback design. Functionally no difference, but the later ones take a longer kingpin.

Speedway Motors has these


Link for them: bucket brake

Total Performance has these:


here is the link:

or they have these for wire wheels:


Here is the link:

Optional polished SS Rotor:


Speedway Motors also has Drum components (hub and backplate)



These brake assemblies can be used with Buick drums or these


This link will show ya all the parts,945_1937-1948-Ford-Car-Brakes-Drums.html

Just some options... I'm sure you'll get some more ideas as well!

Another way to go is use one of the complete setups from Wilson Welding in Texas. Their stuff is terrific although a little pricey, but if you consider that it is all new stuff and takes parts you can buy locally, they are a good value.

Dan had their finned aluminum backing plates on his '29 but decided to go with a different look, so he is now buying their '39 Lincoln setup. Old time looks with modern, self energizing brakes. I'd post some pictures, but I can't seem to do that on here, even with photobucket. :sad::sad:


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