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6 cyl Chevy stuff

der Spieler

Does anyone know of any good sources for 6 cyl Chevy shiny bits and performance parts. I've been to the Langdon's Stovebolt and Clifford Performance sites as well as Inliners International and the pickins are pretty slim. TIA Steve
Steve...Speedway has some stuff like intakes, dizzys, valve covers and side covers for 216's and 250 series I-6's.

I think the only thing I may buy for mine is a 4bbl intake. Black wrinkle the tins with a spray can and split the exhaust.
Thanks for all of the replies. I had forgotten that Speedway had 6cyl stuff. I'm thinking cam and either 4bbl or multiple carbs. The 4bbl would be more practical but I think the 2 or 3 carbs would really look old school. I have splits that came on the motor from my old '80 Chevy pickup. Did GM put splits on at the factory? They are cast iron. I bought the pickup from my brother and he bought it used. I know he didn't do anything to the exhaust. Most of the aluminum manifolds I've seen won't work with cast iron exhaust so I'll have to figure out some sort of headers. A lake-style header would look good but my fab skills aren't that great.
Are your "splits" Factory ??????? I didn't know that.....if they are. I thought the only Split manifold from the factory MAY have been on the old "Blue Flame 6" from 54 Corvettes.....But I am not positive, and those were the old 216/235 block....:eek:

283 Pistons will fit the 230 Cu In engine
307 pistons will fit the 250 Cu In engine
if your looking for High Compression or forged pistons... :cool: "BH"

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