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700r4 check ball placement


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Okay I am rebuilding my 700r4, this is my first transmission rebuild. I have all the internals together and am now in the process of putting the valvebody back on. Just one problem. I have an extra check ball left. Not a good thing.

I think I have it figured out but would like a 2nd/3rd opinion. Here is a pic of the current placement. The one I am concerned about is the one in red. (Edit its a 1990 700r4)

My Photos | 1923 Ford T-bucket Project | 700r4

This one I think is supposed to be held in by the holder in that location but I think it came out while I was cleaning.


that definately looks like a check ball seat.when i installed a shift kit in mine i had to leave some of them out acording to the directions.but if you are just doing a rebuild that looks right to me but i am no expert.
i was wondering how your tranny rebuild was going and I guess now i know. I just picked up a 305 and turbo 350 last weekend to go with the rearend. i am on my way.
Good luck with the tranny
I tried looking for the lines on the plate. All of those are captured. Its just that one on the end that worries me. Once I wrap this up I get to start putting the engine together!

SBJ - the rebuild went alright. A couple mishaps (or at least I thought I screwed up) caused me to tear things down again just to make sure I didn't miss something. But everything seems okay. The Haynes manual helped a ton.

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