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a former employee and alla round nice guy, killed by a drunk driver


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One of my former employees was killed Monday night. A 19 year old kid was drunk, speeding, and ran a stop sign. He hit my associate directly in the driver's door, killing him. It also took the life of the driver's best friend from the age of 2, who was in the car with him. Another friend was in the back seat and is still in critical condition in the hospital. A third car was struck and that driver received minor injuries.

The legal drinking age in Louisiana is 21 years old. This 19 year old kid killed a complete stranger, his best friend, put another close friend in the hospital, and injured another stranger. He is being charged with operation of a motor vehicle under a supended license for OWI, Failure to maintain insurance on a motor vehicle, 2nd offense OWI, 2 counts of vehicular homicide, 2 counts of negligent vehicular injury, speeding, & failure to obey a traffic device.

He should be charged with 2 counts of 1st degree murder, 2 counts of attempted 1st degree murder, 2 counts of criminal damage to private property plus the other charges.

Don't drink and drive!!!
Sorry to hear about your loss and their friends, Ron. Our prayers are with them and their family and loved ones.

RPM said:
And no insurance. These states should not allow a vehicle to be tagged with out proof of insurance.

That IS the law in LA. These people will get insurance and keep it just long enough to get their tags. Even though the insurance company reports the cancelation, very few ever get arrested. The state just flags their license.

I would support the formation of a new division of the State Police just to go after people that have let their insurance lapse. No excuses. You don't have current insurance, your car is impounded until you have it. Should have VERY stiff penalties for repeat offenders. If you repeat enough times, I could see a system installed in your car that won't let it even start until you swipe a current insurance card.

This incident is a true tragedy. I agree with Humidi T, the charges aren't good enough.

When the insurance company reports the insurance as not paid or cancelled. The law should go and find the car and pull the tag on it. With a penalty to pay the law to get it back. With all the modern puters and stuff it would not be hard to flag these vin #s
The state of Kansas commissioned a private survey a few years ago. It found that something like 23% (going on a 60-year-old's memory here) of drivers in Kansas didn't have valid insurance, even though it is required by state law.
RPM said:
And no insurance. These states should not allow a vehicle to be tagged with out proof of insurance.

It is illegal in Louisiana, but easy to get around, you pay a down payment at a fly by night agency, they give you proof for 90 days, you get your plate, then stop paying for the insurance. The agency throws a flag to DMV and the next time you go in, you get a fine.
police released this afternoon that he was also on narcotics with the alcohol. Underage, drunk, on drugs, 2nd offense. Pisses me off.
People that drink and drive should be punished severly even the first time then maybe they would think before driving drunk again. 50% of all fatalities on the road are caused by drunk drivers and this is plain stupid.
Speaking of tag play. When I first moved to Az in '87, I had an Oklahoma plate for awhile on my 'vette. One day when I happen to walk around the back of the car, someone had bent the corner of the tag over my expiration date. I thought that was a little strange, until I pulled out of the apartment complex one day and was stopped for improper tag display and Out of State license tag. The dam cops drive through apartment complexes and bend the corner of the tag over your expiration date and wait in the morning on you to drive off private property and have probable cause to stop you, because your expiration date wasn't visible.
Sorry to hear of your lose, bro. I hope they tack his little butt to the wall and Bubba will trade him out for a pack of smokes every night! I hate reading things like this.:mad:

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