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A little wiring trick


Running your wiring inside the frame can be hard or easy. Here is my way of doing it. Get all the wiring together to go inside the frame on each side ( Turn, low-high beam, horn, fan, etc). Get some Christmas ribbon, the thin stuff used to wrap packages. Use you shop vac on blow and hold it up to the hole your going to run wire into, make sure all other holes are pluged except the hole you are wiring to. Feed the ribbon into the hole with the vac blowing the ribbon down the inside of the frame. There will be air blowing out the other hole and this air will carry the ribbon down the frame and blow the end out of the hole. Tie a string or wire or whatever you use to pull wire to the ribbon and pull the ribbon out, connect your wires to the string and pull your wire into and down and out the other hole. Did I make sense, easy to do, hard to say :lol:
Thanks Duke, I'll have to remember that.
Great advice on wiring. I have used similar tricks and have seen this same trick used in house wireing etc. Thanks for posting. Tricks and advice like this save a bunch of time and broken stuff (whatever is close enough to grab and
Good idea, I will remember that. I was thinking today if I was going to do that but wondered how to pull it thriugh.

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