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A Long Story To A Painfull Ending


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A Wake Up Call:
My brother was over Saturday to work on his T-Bird and left my garage a mess so sunday i went out to clean it up and work on my JUNK corvair steering box.As i didn't want the pipes hot cause i'd be under it anyway i pulled it out of gear and pushed the car around and swept up.I jacked it up on the front axle about 8 inches so i could go under it(with a floor jack)And started to remove the steering wheel.So far so good.He stops by with another guy and wants me to start the car for him i grumbled a little but turned the key and WHAMMMMM as i was standing next to the car and my leg against the rear tire it sot forward like a dragster and ran into my bench about 5 foot BUT!!!!! in the process it ran over my LEG and traped me under the wheel as it shot forward man i never felt so much pain in the split second it took to happen.I could not walk and had to crawl inside my house was in shock as i kept wanting to pass out and hurl at the same time with tunnel vision.I can not walk as of this post.THE MORAL OF THE STORY?Always hook up your nuetral safety switch and MAKE SURE IT'S IN PARK.
Damn, Rick! I hope you get better soon and I'm glad you were not hurt worse. Great advice on the neutral safety switch. I hooked up my driveshaft this weekend and will be starting her up soon. I had planned to do it without a shifter and just elevate the rear wheels for safety, but now I'll rethink that move. Safety first.
Do your self a favor and learn from the old guys mistakes.And when it gets down to being able to start sit down and THINK what could go wrong here.Bye the way did you get the pics i sent so far and the little Ditty
Yea Mike i spent 6 hours in the E-R and they said it was a very bad bruise.They gave me a script for some forget about the pain meds:D And trust me it works no driving while taking this stuff:lol:
Thanks Mike i can walk on it now,its still swollen but i can walk.
Rick- I'm sorry this happened- Linda and I will pray for quick recovery- Mikey Daniels Houston,Texas
Nice of you to share your story.
You might save someones life by telling your story.

Get well quick,
Hitchcock, Texas

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