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A new CleanCut skin


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If you've been using the CleanCut skin, you may need to make a wee change to continue using it. I've tried to move all of those users to the new version of CleanCut 3.1.3, but if you seem to be missing the skin, scroll to the bottom of the page and select CleanCut3.1.3. That should get you set up with the new version.

As always, feel free to contact me if you notice any problems with the new skin.
Just tried it. No sign in on the screen anywhere, no worry, I go back to the Aztec blue 3.1 one i have been using for months.
I'm betting it just wasn't located where you were expecting to find it.


See if it isn't there, after all. I can be wrong, but I know RPM likes that particular skin and I'm betting if there was no log-in link, he'd have skelped my lug by now. :nod:
I like it Mike THANKS :hooray:
I like it but I miss the "View New Content" button you put at the bottom of the page on the other skins.

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