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A progress picture for review


Getting a little closer - if my wheels and tires show up I will be alot happier with a little less money in my pocket. This picture is alittle small, look at my photo gallery for a bigger one. Can't remember how to post bigger ones, an old age moment I guess.

I like the style top you went with. It seems to have a slight 70's look to it.:dance:
The Top is the new hard top from Spirit, I say new, within the last year or so. It is fiberglass, and looks great, but I spend some hard earned green and had Spirit upholster it inside and out. The top upholstered inside and out was about $ 1100, :eek: yea I knew, but thats what I wanted. I just like the look, besides what is pratical about a T-Bucket ? :think:
I'm not running a top when I get mine done, but if I was, that looks to be a good one. In my opinion, the lack of noise from flapping like the regular ones do makes it a good purchase. Like I said before, I think it sorta has a 70's look to it.
Thanks Fred, yea I like the open roadster look. I take a medication that gives me a sensativity to sun light and also someone some how took most of the hair off the top of my head. But, the top will work for me.
LumenAL, Thanks for making my picture grow up a little. :dance: I have done it before, but just couldn't get the brain cells working this time. Did you ever get the headers sent out, be sure to let know how much I owe you. Thanks again
I like the top too, and I know what you mean about balding heads and sun. I'm on my forth peeling from my little trip to Billetproof two weeks ago. :eek: Never was smart enough to remember sunblock until the day after.

Your T is coming along really well.

I am checking with Spirit on Monday about that. Looks to me like I may wait tell next winter to do the wiper, unless they have an answer. I have a couple of ideas on how to do it - but Spirit just might have an easy answer. If Spirit doesn't have the answer, I will give them my idea and see if they can develop it better - Spirit is a great company to deal with. I have also had great service from Total Performance - both great outfits.
The car looks great Duke. So how many times have you been caught sittin' in it makin' silly noises?

jrn said:
Wait a guys do that too?

I though everyone does. :)
Great looking ride....

I too, am a pretend engine noise maker...specially when sitting on my frame :D:lol:

As far as doing Engine noises, I wouldn't do anything like that, Honest :liar: Spirit had the answers I needed, there is some brackets that I didn't get. Called them this morning, Spirit had them boxed up ready to ship to me. Now that is customer service of the highest caliper - read the internet and saw I had a problem and had it taken care of before I call. :D

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