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A Survivor T Bucket


I thought you guys might enjoy seeing an original T bucket built in 1969 and totally unmolested in all these years. It belongs to a friend of mine, Phil Deems, who has about 10 cars in his collection. This one was at one of the first Street Rod Nationals, and he used to drive it every day. When I moved to Cape Coral in 1985 I would see Phil driving it to work, with his necktie flying in the breeze. :lol: He was my hero, because when I got my '27 done I drove mine just about every day too.

It has it's share of nicks and roadrash, and some of the stuff done to it is pretty "1970-ish" but it is just so cool and a glimpse into how we were doing them back then. Hope you enjoy these pictures.






Photoman said:
Very nice! Hope you don't mind I posted those in a 60's T bucket thread on the HAMB.

Not at all. This thing would fit right in with those. Thanks for doing that. :lol::)

That's a cool T Don. I hope it never gets changed.

Here's one that's been around a long time. It belongs to an old friend of mine in Indiana; he's had this car since 1957. This is the first hotrod I ever rode in (about 1960 or '61). It was originally built in 1956 with an Olds engine adapted to a Ford driveline and put together on boxed Model-A rails. The body is all steel and is the front half of a touring car. The grille shell is a widened '32. In 1977 -78, Ron (the owner) built a new frame for it to improve the ride. At that time, he changed it to a small block Chevy with automatic trans, added the aluminum hood, and changed the color from red to black with flames. The interior is the original one from 1957 and is still very nice! The hood is stripped now in prep for a new paint job... if he ever gets around to it. This is one of about a dozen cars he has. The last pic was taken at a recent run in the Indianapolis area.

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