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T Coupe Owner on Coastal Worshington.

Indycars, I just realized I responded to choppedtop's reply above. and was thinking it was you Wow I gotta get me some new specs.. Anyway I'll still call ya neighbor..
It sure sounded like you were talking to me! LOL!

Sometimes people have made a small donation to the website, then mysteriously the
button would appear. You might try that.

Hey Indycars, Why were durn near neighbors!
Just a hop, skip and a jump away! :)
Ok I am now able to post photos although it was a little confusing on this first run. The above photos are just some general photos and I noticed even 1 of the pics was with the body slid back on the chassis. I took some brake photos today of which I will post in the brake forum later as I edit them to a decent smaller size.. I also made a Donation today which may be of some benefit.:cool:
Wahooo !!!

Sounds like you got the button before you made the donation ?
I actually sent an email to Kristy and told her I would like to make a donation and please fix my button and Poof The button is there and I am now a supporting member so I guess your stuck with me. Ha ha ha.
Well it works Rick, this is a copy from my files without going thru the upload. Thanks Rick I should have tried it before.......upload_2023-2-2_9-35-50.jpeg

I'm guessing you drug the file into your replay instead of using the upload button?
Yes I Did Rick.................
So how long did it take for you to come around and learn this trick ..... the last post was April 2021. No one can say your slow!!! :laugh:
Well you just see me and you would understand........I did not want to mess up and new post........LOL...........I am old too boot.............

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