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A T-Bucket event for us West Coast Guys!


OK... Nat's is a world away in distance for us West Coast folks, Mountain Home is 3/4 of a world away, but this event is much closer and I'd be interested to see if anyone else besides me is interested in going? Hey... Price is right!

I have all the forms that need to be filled out and sent in and list of area Hotels, and I've emailed Dennis to find out if any particular one is the "Main One"... would be fun to get a large contingents from the T-bucket Forum to show up...



Presents the

5th Annual 101 Fun Run

For T-Buckets

Cruise Pacific Coast Highway

Come join us for the 5th Annual 101 Fun Run, hosted by the SO-CAL Ts T-Bucket Club. Lets get all the T-Buckets together and have some fun and meet new friends. Friday night is Crusin Grand in Escondido, CA. Saturday is the 101 Fun Run. Come out early and visit the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, etc. Lots of tourist attractions. All raffle proceeds will benefit the Childrens Hospital San Diego.

DATE: June 5th & 6th, 2009.
PLACE: Encinitas, Ca
TIME: To be determined (Must be pre-registered)
Cost: FREE to all T-Buckets.

Pre-Registration forms must be received by May 15, 2009 to ensure free t-shirt.

For all inquires and registration forms: DLMAHAR@PACBELL.NET or visit our web site at

Below is a link to last years run...

Fun Run
Sounds like fun, but I don't go over the hill much any more, as it KILLS my ears. Feels like someone is driving an Ice pick into my ear, if I had a gun at that time, I would/may kill myself... Hope lots of Guys and Gals go to this run..
I have always wanted to go to that. The guy that puts it on, Dennis, is a good guy. It's just never a good time of year for me. One day I will make it...
I better plan on being in the area for this one. Would be way cool to check it out.
I have been wanting to do that. I will have to check out the dates with the little women and see if we have planned anything. I think I read that they had 50 buckets last year, be really neat to bump that up to 75 or so this year. :rolleyes:
Okay, talked to the boss, I mean talked to my wife, and it is a go for us. I have a few things around that time going on, but it is penciled in to go. I need the registration info and such.
We cant make the Nats so were game, when ya get back Al get us the rest of the info, Thanks

Sounds like a great time. No "T" in the garage anymore but things like this still keep the mind sharp...if you build it drive it !
dan eichstedt said:
Sounds like a great time. No "T" in the garage anymore but things like this still keep the mind sharp...if you build it drive it !

Well if you are close to Escondido, CA, that Friday night is Crusin Grand in Escondido... all the T's will be parked together so you could stop by and say hi or talk Ted into coming down with his T then we get to meet both ya all! :lol:
If things work out I'll be there not much of a drive from Long Beach.
There is a Early Times picnic the 14th. and the L.A. Roadster meet
Fathers day week end. June should be great for the west coast guys.
Maybe someone that is any good with a computer could put something together with pictures of all three.
I can take pictures but setting down and getting them on this thing
no way.
I will be there!!! I have been wanting to go on a cruise for a long time and have not been able to attend anything.

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