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Allen Smart Scope


New Member
Hey everyone My school just got a scope donated to us.I need to find some info on it and what it would be worth.I need to do a tax donation form and need some idea of what its value is. So far I have not found much online.
Anyone have an idea?
I did some time scope shopping a couple years back.
I ran that one new in school and in the real world for awhile back in the mid/late 80s. decent piece of equipment but really getting out of date with distributorless ignitions and fuel injection.
On ebay right now you couple probably pick up one like it in working order for under $200. Shipping would be unimagineable.
I got s similar vintage bear diagnostic scope fully loaded with everything but the wheel alignment stuff for $100. It serves the small fleet of old cars around here very well. Its nice being able to load test batterys and charging system work.. Have fun with it, its a good piece of equipment for a hot rod shop..Paul

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