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Alternator bracket


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Here is a really neat alternator bracket. You all know there are no bolt holes in the ends of those great old heads. So you can't use them on the newer motors. Newer than what 1969? Anyway with these 2 brackets you can mount that alternator back on the motor. It has to be used with a long water pump and pulleys. Also you know that alternator 5/16 bolt hole is bad about striping out and so you just tap it to 3/8. Then the 3/8 bolt won't go thru the adjustment slot. We opened the slot just a little to let that 3/8 bolt go in there.
Ron, does that setup put it by drivers side low? Like, by the pan? I liked that setup and that's what I had. What you have looks good.
Damn Ron, I want to come play in your shop for awhile.
I would like to see a picture of his shop ,,must have some pretty Kool toy's in there,,:dance:
I just might have to sketch one up for my Y-block and have you burn it out for me. How would you want me to draw it?

If you could get your brother to draw it in a DXF file, it goes right into the cutter. Then a few key strokes and we have a part exactley like that was drawn. IF you can get him to do that have him make all the holes .045" bigger than you need. A 3/8 bolt hole would spec at .420" need to allow for the kerf width on the plasma.

If not just draw it any way you can and get it to me. I will need some demensions on it.

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