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Aluminum headlight stands


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I drilled a hole right through the side of mine. Anybody got a pair they want to sell. The ones with the hole down through them.
You will have to repolish them but it can be made so that you can't tell.These are the ones I made and drilled for the wire to run through, you can see how big this hole is, In fact there are three holes drilled in each one becuase of the angle. If you enlarge the second link it is what they looked like after I finished. would giet it a try not much to lose.Randall
You should be able to finish your drilling And weld the hole up. The nicething is that it's aluminum. That will be easy to polish.

Here's another type of headlight stand. I used a '28-9 A headlight bar. I cut the ends off just past the bucket pods and sectioned 1-1/2" out of the center of the bar. The ends were welded back on the bar at the width of the frame. I have used this set up on several cars. Works good and a headlight bar usually costs $15 to $25 at the swap meets around here. This might not go with the theme of your build.



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