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Another camber question


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Camber dialed in by Kingpin bosses on a tubular axle during design and construction, does it change with the weight car ready to roll and on the ground?

I am wondering if settling needs to calculated in design.

Thanks Alfwulf
Not as long as it is a substantially strong axle. I've never had one deflect to any degree that I had to do anything but bolt them on and go.

Now if it were made out of exhaust tubing.....................:eek::)

I'd like to know the answer too but I'm running a old car axle. My front wheels are starting to show wear on the outside edges. And they only have 6500 miles on them.
In hot rod miles 6500 is actually a lot. I agree it would be better if they wore evenly, but these straight axle cars have some design flaws that can cause funny tire wear patterns. Glad to see someone putting that kind of miles on a rod.

I did 3 alignments today.Now if both tires are wearing on the outside it would usually be a toe in problem.If a axle flexed it would cause negative camber (inward tilt at top of tire) causing inside wear.Any other alignment questions?
Thanks guys.
I first started as a tech in a shop that also did Heavy Truck and RV alignments bending axles with toggles and large bottle jacks. But those were solid axles.

This is sad to say 30+ years later I wasn't sure how strong these tubular axles could be.
I'm happy with the answers.

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