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Another Illinois boy in the house!


New Member
Hey all! I am definetly not a newbie to the car world having owned several nice cars through the years. I have owned a 40 Chevy coupe, 55 Chevy, 38 plymouth truck, 57 Chevy, a T bucket kit when I was 18 among others. I recently sold all my toys to move to Florida to persue a job ( that didnt work out so I am back in Illinois and staring over. I have always wanted a roadster so that is my mission: to find a project that I can tinker with over the winter. I dont have as much shop equipment as I once had so I need to find something with most of the work done and that I can finish to make it my own. I am also on several other forums( Hamb, volksrod, Club Hotrod ect) and I look froward to getting to know you guys as well. Happy rodding!
Hey...There's always room for one more here! Welcome to the site. Glad you made it. You will find you're not the only one that visits those other site.


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