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Another of my projects (non-T)

der Spieler

I'm the original owner of a 1949 Murray Comet. I abused it all through the early 50s, passed it on to my brother for further abuse and he in turn passed it on to my nephew. I got it back a few years ago and now I'm restoring it to pass on to my nephew's 4 year old son.

The car is in relatively good condition considering how much damage little boys with ball peen hammers can do when they have 'accidents'. I have a stud welder so I was able to pull most of the large dents out of it. I'll try to hammer the rest as best as I can then fill with bondo and sand smooth. Then it will be time to prime, paint and clear coat. I think I will do the underside with POR 15 and clear coat the topside of the body with POR's Pelucid. It's supposed to be super hard and withstand a little boy's imagination

The wheels are shot as is the windshield frame. I will be replacing all of the chrome parts and I have to repair the seat bottom where the rear axle mount was torn out. I'm thinking too about doing a proper custom cloth interior. Maybe I'm getting a little ambitious there. Here are some pictures......Steve
Those things were great, I remember playing with one when I was a kid. I bet your nephew's son will be the only kid on the block that has one.

The only thing I have even heard of that is suposed to be stronger than a little boys imagination is some stuff called unobtanium.
Very cool project Steve. I have a Murray That I bought up the street when they had a garage sale. It's almost like yours. Some day I'll get around to it.

Ah, I remember my pedal car well. Always wanted a tractor but never got one. :sad: Wonder how we survived riding around in steel cars with no OSHA padding and child proof stuff. Nowadays everything is plastic and engineered so kids don't scratch themselves. :D:lol:

Nice looking one you are restoring, bet he is going to love it.

Nice little project! I did a peddle car for my nephew about 8 years ago, when he was 5 and I catch him trying to squeeze into it still! He just can't let go.

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