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Another old guy here


New Member
I'm old but not new to cars. I am building a car now but not sure if it would be called a T-bucket or a RatRod. My picture is my latest baby. Looking forward to learning new stuff from you guys. Jim
Welcome Jim! Call it whatever you want. If it is a rat rod, make it safe. More pictures would be great, we love pictures.:)
Welcome to the forum jammo the doors always open for another bucket lover.
Welcome and enjoy your stay.
Well there is that word again... Ratrod, I like calling them Badboy cars... Build them the same as you would a regular T Bucket, just do not spend all that extra money on fancy un-needed stuff, like chrome, fancy paint, Brass radiator, fancy interior (use stock bucket seats) make it all work GREAT. and have comfy seats, use stock gages if you like, and steel wheels and regular street tires, Whites look good.. as it is all those extras that cost a bundle...

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