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Old, mostly retired guy from Western North Carolina. Always been into hot cars. First car that I had was a '69 Pontiac GTO Judge back in the mid 70's. Bought it as a roller and rebuilt it from there into a pretty hot car for the times. (Wish I still had that car!) Now looking to build something that my wife and I can drive around on the weekends and possibly take to the Rod Run in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg. Probably will follow the TBucketPlans route and build most of the car with parts that I can scrounge or already have. For me, the build and experience is a big part of the fun.
You are correct that is the part of the build I like too........Welcome from Southeastern New Mexico.......
Welcome from Oklahoma. The build is fun but the first drive is life changing. Welcome to the most infectious hobby in the world!
It takes most of us all a while to get here. But, when we do, it seems as though we realize that this is where we belong! Where we've always belonged!
Welcome from Nebraska!
Welcome from St Louis. These little cars are indeed an addiction. Fun to build and a real blast to drive!
Happy to meet you & I hope you enjoy it in here. Any questions you have on your build, just ask. We are a friendly bunch of bucketheads! lol
Welcome from San Antonio TX
I'm still in the progress of building mine (going on 6 years 😪) my better half says I'm having too much fun for an old fart

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