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Any Electricians here O/T


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I scored a badass Jet drill press this past weekend, but it needs a motor.
I happen to have a 3/4 hp electric motor, it mounts up, has the correct pulley etc. knew there was a but comin', didn't turns the wrong direction:mad: is there a way to reverse the rotation on a AC electric motor?? I tried switching the main power wires around, but as usual, it didn't work. so I figger' I'll stop while I'm ahead, and ask:lol::toast:

any info would be appreciated


put a half twist in the belt :toast:
RocknT said:
put a half twist in the belt :)

never thought about fellers from "up north" shore do have good idears:D

I'm not an electrician, but...

...most, if not all, A/C motors can be reversed. Is there a tag on the motor? Most will have a schematic for wiring either for 110 or 220 volts and will say which leads to interchange to reverse direction. I just checked 7 different motors in my shop and all except 1 had a name plate with that info. The lone exception...a Sears 15" drill press.:sad:

Look inside the cover where the line comes into the motor for the leads and they should be marked on the wire. Might we plugins or twistlocked together.
Thanks for the info. I'll look at it tonight when I get to the shop.


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