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"Billet-T" Waking the Sleeping giant after 22yrs.


:):DAfter sitting unfired for 22yrs. the Santos 1964 Corvette 327 is ready to "fire-it-up. I added oil to the motor and and an ounce of 2-cycle oil into the cylinders, about 3 weeks ago and let it soak. In addition, I added 6qts. of tranny fluid to the tranny to check the seals for leaks. They do, front and rear. I will pull the tranny and replace the seals, unless someone has a suggestion about options and/or additives.

My buddy, Jesse, a stock-car builder and former driver, came over today (Thur.). We (He) checked the plug wires, hooked up the coil and battery to the starter, and installed a remote oil-pressure gauge.

We decided to dry fire it, as the radiator brackets won't be finished until tomorrow (Friday), and we couldn't wait. We turned the motor over several times to build and check oil pressure. It hit 35# startup pressure very quickly. Set the timing and primed it by squirting some gas into the front carb, as I kept the manual fuel pump. Jesse, hollered out "Fire-in-the Hole", and hit the button. What a sound, better than a 20yr old scream at orgasm. At least the best I can remember, as it's been over 45 yrs., since I heard it. The oil pressure jumped to 60#, before it quickly ran out of fuel, as the manual pump wasn't picking it up.

Friday morning we are installing, temporairly, an electric fuel pump, and the polished alum. radiator, if it doesn't rain us out. Yes, I said rain in Arizona. We finally got some rain. We will "fire-it-up", set the carbs, etc.

Next on the agenda will be brakes. The front discs have four 1987 Honda Goldwing 1200cc calipers. I found a website called Bike Bandits, that I can order replacement parts for them, which I will probably need to replace at least the seals. I am waiting on the re-machining of my billet front hubs, because as I tightened the lugs on I discovered the lugs themselves were too long. Of course, that was after I had already punched 2 holes on the back side of both hubs.

Will download new photos sometime Friday. Also, have videos, but not sure as to how to download them here. Any help is appreciated.

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