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Any ford mechanics here??? OT


Ive been away from the wrenching game a long time..
I think I have a goofy fuel pump in the front tank of my 95 f 150.. Last summer I accidentally ran it really low and I might have sucked up some garbage and ever since its been whacky. At any rate its not working, I think the switch and relays are working, if I switch from the rear tank to the front it will die immediately.
I was reading elsewhere that you should replace both front and rear pumps at the same time.. This is new to me? Sounds like a bunch of hoopty just to sell pumps. any truth to this????
NORSEMAN If it were my 100+ dollers I would replace just the one but not with out checking the pressures first.Also not knowing what tools you have some times it easier to pull the bed of the truck then draining all the fuel and wrestling the tank on a floor jack and have to deal with the quick connects at the tank.
Norseman i had the same problem . The motor bushings when they wear will let the motor shaft move off center causing the motor to stall when voltage is sent to it . The ecm has a timer in it if the truck doesnt start within a predetermined time it shuts the fuel pump power off untill the next key cycle. So this sounds stupid but get a rubber hammer and at the moment someone tries to start it hit the bottom of the tank severl times fast. The vibration will cause the rotor in the motor to shift and ususlly start right up.This works most of the time to get a person home but the result is it needs a new pump. And i would suggest a good borgwarner or at least a name brand pump. The fitting are the sliplock and a set of the plastic sliplock line tools will do the trick. And i would also just replace the bad pump.
I am a mechanic. When we go to pick up a car we always bring a deadblow hammer and pound on the tank to see if we can get the pump to start pumping to get it back to the shop.Beat on tank while someone tries to start it.
I was half asleep filling up the other day, Ive been running on the rear tank for awhile and it was dark an i filled my front tank accidentally forgot.lolol So shes got a full load in it.. Ill give the hammer blow trick a try first, if it goes Ill drive it till its empty then swap the pumps out. I wish it was the rear tank I have that one almost out at the moment. Thanks guys!...
It is probably easier to take the bed off the truck than to try and drop a tank. We take the beds off all the time at work. 4-6 guys can pick one up easy. It takes no time to change out the pump and or sending units.
Thats awesome if you have 4 to 6 guys.. lololol
Today its just me but if I play musical shop a bit Ive got a chain hoist hanging from the ceiling. Im gonna start on that in a bit..Ive got alot of tools but nothing for sliplock fittings....
Norsman: Most auto parts stores will have the tools to remove the quick connect very cheep. watch out for the filler neck try to keep it as a assembly just removing it from the bed it self . ther is a vent hose in it and if its bent ,kenked you will never be able to fill it agin till you streighten it out just some reminders. atleast thats how the older one were. in the 80's

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