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Anybody here ever build a Pre T small car?

I think they just had one at the bash?
Now you did it, got me to thinking again about building something. :think:
Good, I hoped somebody would like it. That little wooden 2 seat job is cute and so is the Oldsmobile curved dashes.

One of these days, who knows...
I did a little research and figure it could be made for 500 to 1500. Depending on the type wood used and engine used. Might be fun to haul around in a little trailer behind the T-Bucket. Be handy at car shows and motel parking lots. :cool:
Putz, you just made my day! A guy could probably take that mini bucket body and drop it on an old riding mower. A couple of weekends could build that.
anyone with some of the horsless carrage plans????? i have been lookin at those for several years.If my neighbor will leave his old johndeere out again i will have a motor and trans axel.HaHA
Here is a little conversion that I made a few years ago from a riding lawn mower. I used it at several shows and cruise ins. By changing the sprocket sizes it would really "go". The former water tank was made into a cooler to hold the "refreshments". The seat was a padded one that I bought for comfort while "going".

We made a mold from a complete toilet and then cast it in fiberglass. I then cut away part of the base so as to be able to fit it on the mower body. It was a real fun project to build and to "go" around on.

At one of the Goodguys Shows, Brizio signed it. He got a real kick out of it.




I didn't built one, but I did buy one. It was an antique antique. No, that isn't a typo. It was an over 25 year old reproduction of an over 25 year old car. I thought that was kind of interesting.

I originally saw this at a Shriners car show and asked the owner if it would be possible to do some measuring on it for building one. He said that I could buy it for less than it would take to build it, and so I did.

It is a reproduction (sort of) of a 1903 Curved Dash Olds that was made by the Merry Olds Co. The drawing was done by a young fellow at a later Shriners car show.


I had a 3 h.p. Briggs motor and a 2 speed transmission. The low was too low and the high was too high. Motor was wound tight in about 10 feet and it would bog down when you shifted. If wouldn't be so bad if your town is pretty flat but K.C. has too many hills.

I bought a set of plans from E-bay for building one a couple of years ago just for giggles and grins...Maybe I'll do one for the grandaughter...if I ever get this other thing done. :)
GAB, at least an 8hp motor and you would have been set. I love the drawing.
Curved dash Olds?


When I was a young kid, instead of an old kid, like I am now, we could buy Crosleys for 70 bucks. We stripped the body off, chopped the frame and driveshaft 18", altered the steering column, modified a T radiator shell and cowl, put on a stake bed, and modified the 4 cyl., and added bucket seats from a VW. We could turn 60 in a block in about 3 seconds.
Wow, that truck is cool, but it looks like he is going to have as much time in that as he could have in a real one. I'm going to bookmark the page so I can see it finished.
I want to keep an eye on that one too. Amazing it started out as a Soapbox Derby car.

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