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Anybody Remember This Tbucket??

Johnny Angel

New Member
This Tbucket was unsual and cought my eye, ran a flat head engine with the coolant running thru the frame, as I remember the top was hinged at the windshield and cowl,
it was different and seemed to draw a lot of lookers.

Johnny Angel
I have often thought about building a one man but would like it to be a little more user friendly that this one.

Never saw a Tbucket like that before, I like the looks of it without the radiator.
Got to talking to the owner who said that with the coolant running thru the frame the interior got hot real fast, he must have been around air craft because the way the windshield and side windows are held in place is the same arrangement used in the old DC-3's and other air planes. The body appears to be longer than a regular tbucket, but it may have had to be that way so he could stretch out and be able to see out of the low windshield...just thought It was different for a tbucket. didnt see any headlights on it so it had to be trailered I think, maybe used as a drag or salt flat racer.
That is an interesting top. Really kinda cool.

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