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Anyone run the 1/4 mile?


On the "run what you brung" nights at the track, if you state that you have never run the 1/4 mile and you think your car will do "about a 12.5" they will let you race. This happened to me at the Sacramento Raceway about 20 years ago. I had a blown 427 side oiler Ford in my '55 Ford and they did ask what I thought it would do. While waiting to run a friend appeared and asked if I really wanted to know what my car could run, as he had slicks mounted on wheels with my bolt pattern. The slicks brought out the best of my old shoe box and I was given a list of what would be needed to be done to my car if I ever wanted to run again. The safety items are broken down into brackets of et run. I won't say what I ran unless I can find that timing slip for proof, but since I'm new to cars that have our power to weight ratio, HAS ANYONE RUN THE 1/4 AND WHAT WERE THE RESULTS? It is hard for me to gauge from that run over 20 years ago, but I think my Track-T is faster.
Check out Andys photo album.

A good friend of mine came to visit and he has a GTO with a 540 Shaffirof motor in it that runs 10.40. I let him drive my bucket. He said the bucket is faster. I have never had it to the track so I don't know for sure.
Thats my favorite Andy pic."UP OFF ALL FOUR"
I ran my old heap last year at the hamb drags.High 13's at 102.8 mph. I had a ball! going back in 2 weeks... I"l tell you how i did when I get back
In the late 70's to early 80's ours ran 10.31@129-131 but it's heavy 2350# now with the new motor going in it mid to high 9's won't be a problem without the nitrous.....but no track in their right mind would let it run without a full cage.
RUN-NE1 said:
In the late 70's to early 80's ours ran 10.31@129-131 but it's heavy 2350# now with the new motor going in it mid to high 9's won't be a problem without the nitrous.....but no track in their right mind would let it run without a full cage.

I asked at the strip a month or so ago. It either has to have a factory steel top, or a roll bar. Factory convertibles are allowed so long as the A pillar is designed to support the car.
Im 1.5 seconds slower than Andy.:cry:

My best to date is 10.2 @ 132. Car weighs 2500lbs without me in it and was running a street 454 & 671 blower with a hydraulic cam on pumpgas.

Engine made 627 hp but expired on dyno in December 2008..

We are replacing it with a blown 540 and am looking for an affordable 871 or 1071. (will use the 671 if I cant find anything) This time its a solid roller and a pair of dominators, so should be about 200hp more.

Im looking for low 9s this coming summer. But will settle for a high 9 street legal car if I have to.

Sadly, I can.

I bought an old (Dos based) BDS 16 injector setup off our equivalent of EBay. The racecar shop next door fabricated or obtained all the stuff we needed to fit it in place and got it running.

Was lean at startup and rich thru the middle. We needed the BDS cable to tune it but it was obsolete so eventually we gave up and fitted a locally made Link computer. We were warned there had been problems in the past running a MSD with the Link, so did some checking up and was told the problem was solved.

Took car to the dyno guy (who comes very highly recommended in these parts) and left him to it. He got in his sparky and they ran it up. Said hed never seen an engine with such an appetite for fuel, but he usually only worked up to 5 litres of engine.

It seems the MSD and the Link did still have compatability issues and the fuse to the fuel pump blew and the engine leaned out big time.

Inserts in alloy head fell out and caught piston and bore on the way down and piston pushed the inserts back into the soft head. Munted head, munted piston, damaged bore, scratched crank.

The sign on his wall says "All care and no responsibility"

Was cheaper to start again with a used 540. To help pay for stuff, I sold off the BDS and borrowed a pair of 1050 Dominators. Not so good on the street, but should be fine at the strip.

Worse thing was that I missed out on the whole summer of fun with my bucket as I tried to build the new motor on a budget.

The race season is only 2 months away down here so Im getting excited already.:lol:
When I was a kid, I was clocked at 113mph on the straight away of an oval track, with my go-cart. Today the thought of running 100mph in a T-bucket scares the hell out of me. I must be getting old or a lot smarter.
Id say its smarter i coulnd imagine 113 in a t bucket
Hi Rick and AZCOWBO,

I'm not trying to be a smart ass, but what is the main problem at speed? Is it the large flat windshield?

Nope its my age and the load i put in my tighty white's that i dont like.45 years ago give me all ya got now?not so much.

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