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I want to apologize for my recent absence. I find myself in one of those times in Life we always want to avoid.

On 2 February, we took my 82 year-old father to Indianapolis to have his aortic valve replaced. The surgeon was also able to replace 4 blocked bypasses that were 20+ years old.

The surgery seemed to be a success, but Dad never was able to be fully alert. For a few days, he would open his eyes and acknowledge us in his room and then he would slip away again.

We had him transported back to Lafayette a bit over a week ago, where his condition worsened. On Wednesday, we admitted to ourselves that we were losing him and that we had already stretched the limitations of his living will. We made the painful decision to remove the ventilator on Wednesday afternoon and Dad was called Home yesterday morning a little after 8:00.

I may still be a bit scarce for the next 3-4 days, but I'll try to catch up with everyone as soon as possible. I just need a bit of time to start my own healing process.
Sorry for your loss but at least you got to keep him till he was 82,, I lost my dad when he was still fairly young ...
I'll put you and your family in my prayers, Mike.
Mike, my prayers go out to you and your family. Praise the Lord for 88 wonderful years of life.

Mike, so sorry for your loss. Focus on those wonderful memories you have of him. I know it helps me.
Your family needs you more. We will be here for you whenever you need. God speed.
dad asked me to remember thay last time we laughed together, that's what got me through. my prayers and thoughts for you and your loved ones mike.

I'm sorry for your loss Mike, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
We'll be here when you need us!
You and your family are in our prayers Mike.
our prayers

Mike sorry to hear about your dad. I know it's tough to lose someone close. My grandma is near the end and I am going up to Chicago about every weekend to stay with her and give my brother a break. It' hard to watch someone you love go, even if you are sure they have the promise of a better place.

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