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Are You a Turtle?

der Spieler

The International Association of Turtles (Also known as the Fraternal Alliance of Respected Turtles) came up in conversation with a friend the other day. Are any of the members of this forum Turtles? (Your reply will tell me if you really are a member or not.)
No. There is a phrase you have to say when asked if you are a Turtle. If you get it wrong you have to buy the questioner a drink. Also, to become a Turtle you have to pass a simple 4 question quiz.

Let me clarify. If you are a member and don't give the proper response you have to buy the drink. If you are not a member you will obviously answer "no" and will not be faced with a penalty. OF course a drink would still be appreciated.
I got my membership in the mid-60s. I lost my membership card many years ago.

As to your reply; I don't know if you should buy a drink or not. One of the rules states that "If you do not give the password in full because of embarrassment or some other reason, you forfeit a beverage of his choice." I don't know if I can give you a pass for the ** or not.

Here's a link to one of the many Turtle pages on the net that will five a brief history of the association. The International Association of Turtles - Boing Boing
been along time since someone asked me your sweet a$$ i am...inducted in june of '66!!!!

You bet your sweet a $$ I am.....1977 Waterford, Michigan
Man, that was a lot of years and beers ago....LOL
back when the flight attendants on SouthWest Airlines still wore hot pants I got me a free beer with that question.
Mike in ep:cool:
You bet your sweet *** I am... but I'll still buy you a drink later!

Only four questions as I remember but it has been a L O N G time ago.
I took it too and the same thing happened to me. I know I got all but one right. I've taken the test before. The test that goes along with the card only has four questions.
I had to think really hard to keep the answers clean. I'll send you my answers in a PM and let me know how close I am.
I PM'd you back with the answers as I remember them. When my oldest son was about 11 he told the last one about the submarine to us at the dinner table one night. My wife held her breath waiting for he answer.
Never had one. I used to have the 'original' membership card but that went away years ago.

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