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Atlas LL8 or Vortec 4200


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"barnbikes" started up an interesting thread about the Chrysler slant 6 that got me thinking about the inline six cylinder. After reading up on the slant 6, I started to wonder about the other inline sixes out there.

That's when I discovered the Atlas LL8, or Vortec 4200 that some call it. All aluminum block/head with dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder. Depending on the one you buy, in stock trim the engine outputs from 275hp to 291hp at around 6,000rpm. And 275 to 277 foot pounds of torque from 3,600 to 4,800 rpm.

Not a very attractive engine with its plastic intake manifold, but when you compare the Atlas LL8 to the slant 6, or any other older inline six for that matter, the newer and more modern Atlas starts to look good. It cost between $2,000 and $3,000 dollars just to get a modest 200hp with the older inline six engines, but only about $500 dollars to get your hands on a good used low miles Atlas LL8.

I think the Atlas would be a perfect engine for a Track T with its narrow front, and often closed engine compartment.

Just thinking out loud.

I kind of liked the idea of that motor when it first appeared in the Trailblazer but then I saw one and wondered what I would have do to hide all of the wires and other crap that makes it something that yo wouldn't want as a focal point in an engine bay. I still like the idea of an almost 300 hp 6 cylinder and this engine could be a candidate.

When I was in England I had a Fiat 131 4-door sedan with either a 1600 or a 1900 cc dohc 4 cylinder engine and 5 speed. It would run 80 mph on the motorways all day long. The Italians make good. strong engines but unfortunately their cars come with rust as standard equipment and after struggling and spending to make it pass it's last MOT and then havng it fail it went to the scrap heap. Anyway, I think that combination would be a good candidate for a track T.
Back in the day I had a 67 Pontiac Firebird with an OHC 6 and 4 BBl carb... that little thing screamed!


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